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Jim Cooper is a leadership consultant and executive coach. He is the founder and principal of Ascendent Leadership LLC. Jim focuses his work on helping firms to develop their leadership skills, team effectiveness, and emotional intelligence and to support that development with coaching. He is especially committed to helping leaders deploy coaching skills broadly within their organizations. Jim believes that world class leaders: 1. Understand that true success “is not just about the numbers” 2. Lead from a mindset of serving their teams and enabling their personal growth and success 3. Help their teams see their individual roles as critically linked to the success of the organizations mission, and the success of others that they care about within the organization 4. Focus their teams on building the commitment to excellence and personal growth that make success a habit and truly sustainable over their lives and careers 5. Create a sustainable coaching culture by broadly deploying coaching skills through their leadership ranks.

If you want the business, find the spark!

I have a friend of mine who likes to use the term “spark” to describe the emotional connection between two people beginning a romantic relationship. Most of us can recall a situation in our past where all the “specifications” for … Continue reading

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Before You Say No, Five Steps to Find Your Yes

After the final no, there comes a yes and on that yes, the future of the world hangs.    (Wallace Stevens) A sales executive friend of mine likes to say that the selling only begins after you’ve heard the first … Continue reading

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The network’s down! Five ways to empower your teams with Commanders’ Intent.

What would your people do if they were suddenly cut off from all ability to contact their leadership and other sources of information, perspective, and resources? Empower them to flex to the situation by understanding “Commander’s Intent” Students of military strategy … Continue reading

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How Perfect is Perfect Enough?

A business professor assigned a group of MBA students to visit a local custom door factory and observe some of the craftsmen there. The students arrived at the factory and were assigned to observe an elderly and obviously very seasoned … Continue reading

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How are you showing up as an active listener? Five traps to avoid.

How often do you show up for a meeting or a discussion, only to find your partner in a complete state of disarray, heavily distracted by telephones, email, social media, other employees stopping in to interject a thought or start … Continue reading

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Time management triage – Three tips to find the win-win

It was 1999, and I had just been promoted to the role of a global sales manager for a software and services business of a Fortune 50 company.   It was a new job for me with global scope and it … Continue reading

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Five Dysfunctions of a Question: And How to Avoid Then

So many dysfunctions, so little time…. As a professional coach, I get to ask a lot of questions. For each brilliant one that makes things clear for my client and provides me deep insight into what they’re working on, I … Continue reading

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Ascendent now offers the Pearman Personality Integrator™

Users of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator often comment that it’s not that useful to understand your natural behavior preferences if your environment and job are demanding other behaviors for you to be successful.  (For example, about half of the world are … Continue reading

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How are your clients grading you on your authenticity?

In a recurring theme in our current election cycle, both major candidates are suffering low poll scores with their levels of authenticity, trust and transparency. In the early 1990’s, I remember there was a university professor and consultant that my … Continue reading

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The 5 Most Important Skills to Drive Trust and Credibility

What are the five most critical skills to earning trust and credibility? Find out how top performing consultants are answering this question! Respond to our survey and we’ll send you the results.  Survey has one multiple choice question and takes … Continue reading

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