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How are you showing up as an active listener? Five traps to avoid.

How often do you show up for a meeting or a discussion, only to find your partner in a complete state of disarray, heavily distracted by telephones, email, social media, other employees stopping in to interject a thought or start … Continue reading

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Time management triage – Three tips to find the win-win

It was 1999, and I had just been promoted to the role of a global sales manager for a software and services business of a Fortune 50 company.   It was a new job for me with global scope and it … Continue reading

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The 5 Most Important Skills to Drive Trust and Credibility

What are the five most critical skills to earning trust and credibility with your clients? Find out how top performing consultants are answering this question! Respond to our survey and we’ll send you the results. The  Survey has one multiple … Continue reading

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Reframing – Deliver Your Feedback with a Twist!

There is a traditional Taoist story of an old farmer who owned a horse, which he used for transportation and for working his fields. His neighbors thought him quite wealthy because he owned a horse. One day his horse ran … Continue reading

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