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Before You Say No, Five Steps to Find Your Yes

After the final no, there comes a yes and on that yes, the future of the world hangs.    (Wallace Stevens) A sales executive friend of mine likes to say that the selling only begins after you’ve heard the first … Continue reading

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The first question: What do you really want? (What is compelling you to act?)

I was frustrated. Over several meetings, we had come to a detailed understanding of the learning outcomes the client hoped to achieve in a series of workshops on relationship building skills. I had been able to draw strong lines between … Continue reading

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Bullet-Proof Your Self-Confidence by Noticing Your Self Talk

I had just been promoted to my first sales manager position. Among my competitors for the job was a salesperson with an impeccable sales record, and who prior to selling, had been the field support engineer for our manufacturing division. … Continue reading

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