Solution Selling is Dead! Long Live Solutions Selling…

As a recovering sales executive, I was very interested in this quote from a recent Harvard Business Review article, reviewed in the attached (short!) video. (First in a series of three on this topic.)

“Most reps rely on a customer to coach them through a sale; star reps coach the customer.”  (“The End of Solution Sales”, HBR, August 2012)

Stay tuned for several more posts in this series which will investigate the impact of emotional intelligence, questioning skills, and listening skills, on the performance of what they call the “new sales stars”

Let us hear from you!

  • If you are coaching sales people, are you seeing this trend?
  • What are you doing to help your consultative sales people stay at the top of their game?


About Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper is a leadership consultant and executive coach. He is the founder and principal of Ascendent Leadership LLC. Jim focuses his work on helping firms to develop their leadership skills, team effectiveness, and emotional intelligence and to support that development with coaching. He is especially committed to helping leaders deploy coaching skills broadly within their organizations. Jim believes that world class leaders: 1. Understand that true success “is not just about the numbers” 2. Lead from a mindset of serving their teams and enabling their personal growth and success 3. Help their teams see their individual roles as critically linked to the success of the organizations mission, and the success of others that they care about within the organization 4. Focus their teams on building the commitment to excellence and personal growth that make success a habit and truly sustainable over their lives and careers 5. Create a sustainable coaching culture by broadly deploying coaching skills through their leadership ranks.
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