Trust and Credibility

What drives trust and credibility for consultants, technologists, and sales people?

As I am a recovering sales manager, you might think I believe that “Its all about the numbers.”   Statistically, that’s a fair guess.

I’ve come to believe, though, that what attracts and retains great consultants is more than just knowing their stuff and hustling the numbers.  When I ask high achieving consultants and consultative sales people about what motivates them, their answers usually net out to the fact that they want to be valued by their clients as trusted advisors, no matter how corny or old-school that sounds.   They also want their companies to help them develop into that role.

Researchers are telling us that clients want that, too.  More than half of buying preference for complex solutions now depends on the consultant meeting that expectation.

With that in mind, I’m focusing my practice on a few critical skills that yield trusted advisors.  Here are the skills which I believe are the game changers:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Asking Great Questions
  • Listening
  • Giving Laser Accurate Feedback
  • Challenging People In Ways That Energize Them
  • Collaborating Skillfully Both Internally And With The Client
  • Leading Others, Formally And Informally
  • Coaching Others, Formally And Informally

When you wrap all of these relating, communications, leadership, and thinking skills around a core mastery of your solution. you have the “secret sauce” that business success and leadership success are made of.  With apologies to the Iowa cornfield, James Earl Jones, and Kevin Costner, if you build your teams around these skills, the numbers will come

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